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Threat2Alert – Nettitude’s Cyber Security Managed Service

The probability of an organization experiencing a data breach is stronger than ever. As a consequence, the mind-set is shifting from purely focusing on prevention to delivering improved visibility, with optimized detection, monitoring and response.  This change in approach provides organizations with a better understanding of their threats and provides intelligence on when data is being placed at risk.

The need to respond fast and effectively in the event of a real or suspected data breach is essential in today’s interconnecting world. Finding a solution that does not involve you filtering through reams of log data, investing in expensive on premise solutions or skilling your technical team on a complex product is a real challenge.

Not all malicious traffic generates log data. As a consequence, organizations that rely on log management only, will be less likely to identify zero-day vulnerabilities or data being actively harvested from their environment. Threat2Alert combats this problem through capturing packets and logs as traffic traverses your environment. Through capturing both elements, organizations will be better equipped to identify a breach whilst it is in progress.

Threat2Alert provides a cost effective, scalable, secure and proactive threat response service that is tailored to your business, your risks and your needs. Threat2Alert is delivered by cyber security experts from the Nettitude Group and powered by the award winning log management platform from LogRhythm, leading endpoint visibility and threat detection from CarbonBlack and Nettitude’s in-house network intrusion monitoring tool-set. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) has seasoned incident response experts providing round the clock monitoring of our clients environments. In the event of a Threat2Alert client being targeted by an intruder, we are able to provide a range of CREST certified incident response service to secure the client and their data.

Threat2Alert Key Advantages

24×7, 365 days a year event and alert management

Utilizing LogRhythm and Bit9 technology – Gartner 2014 leaders

Continuous network intrusion analysis

Eyes-on-screen SOC

Simple and scalable deployment model

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting

Unlimited custom reports

Reduced on-site personnel costs

Proactive and responsive forensic review

Threat2Alert Demo

To receive a tailored one-on-one live demonstration of  Threat2Alert, please contact:   0345-52-000-85 (UK)  212-335-2238 (USA) or email today.