Benefits Of SIEM Managed Services

With the argument for implementing a SIEM policy strengthening on a daily basis, we will consider the benefits of outsourcing to a managed service provider in this blog. Unfortunately, many organisations are unaware of these benefits and so are at potential risk of jeopardising their security, success and financial gains, which can cause irreversible damage to a company profile – take, for example, the Sony PlayStation hack.

To combat this threat, many organisations can consider looking for external vendors to support their organisation’s SIEM, which is a crucial element to security.  Not all organisations can have a dedicated department monitoring information, whether it is for financial or practical reasons. Some may simply lack the technical know-how, but there is no need to feel intimidated about employing these readily accessible services.

Currently, there is a big gap existing between SIEM, the tools on the market and the interpretation of the data from these tools. There is not much to be gained by simply purchasing an SIEM tools and letting it sit on the network. Through employing a managed service, an organisation will not have to worry about hiring dedicated employees or paying for training. This may seem obvious, but this element of security demands a trained member of staff to utilise all of its benefits, which can be provided with such a service. SIEM tools involve the processing of massive amounts of data, which can seem overwhelming, but of course that is not an issue for an organisation with a managed service, as the data is filtered and tailored to individual requirements.

SIEM managed service providers, such as Nettitude, can provide the same monitoring as those with dedicated in-house departments. Nettitude Logs are unique and can hold key information which can help to piece together possible security breaches with the aid of 24/7 surveillance.

Applying the services of a SIEM managed service provider can help comply with regulatory and industry standards (i.e. requirement number 10 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which tend to increase confidence in your organisation. However, merely logging activity does not guarantee compliance and so the expertise of a dedicated SIEM analyst can provide a more productive benefit. The SIEM analyst will also talk through your key requirements, submit tailored reports and follow up on any potential alarms. The benefits of a dedicated SIEM analyst also include the ability to detect abnormal activity much quicker, due to their wealth of experience in dealing with numerous organisations.


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