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Cyber Incident Response

Dedicated CREST accredited cyber incident response consultants

We all exist in a world where the cyber breach has become part of our every day vocabulary. Organizations face threats from internal and external entities with data being compromised on an increasingly frequent basis. For many organizations, it is less of a case of ‘if’ and more of a case of ‘when’. As a consequence, the mindset is beginning to shift from delivering defense in depth, to delivering response in depth.

As a member of the CREST cyber incident response program, Nettitude delivers end-to-end cyber incident response services to organizations across the globe. Through our robust methodology and responsive approach, we have become the trusted Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) to many leading global organizations.

How do we deliver cyber incident response?

As a managed security service provider, (MSSP) Threat2Alert leverages cutting edge solutions from LogRhythm and Bit9 and combines them with Nettitude’s network intrusion analysis capability and wider cyber security services. Through an extension of the Nettitude Group’s professional services division, Threat2Alert is able to deliver comprehensive incident response services and forensic examination services all within an aggressive service level agreement.

Importance of Cyber Incident Response

Threat2Alert is designed to deliver proactive incident response services for our managed services clients. Through ensuring we have access to the right logs, events and network traffic we are able to detect and respond to incidents whilst they are in motion. The Threat2Alert incident response service focuses on network derived threats and response and scales from small SME environments all the way up to global enterprise organizations.

Flexible Services

Nettitude’s cyber incident response service is hugely flexible, and can be tailored to client’s individual requirements. Our consultants will develop an understanding of the clients environment, their data repositories and existing security technologies prior to making any recommendations. Following on from this, we deploy tools, technologies and agents to strategic points within your environment so as to ensure we have visibility of all critical data exfiltration points.

Skills and Experience

As part of the Nettitude Group, Threat2Alert is an approved member company of CREST and one of its first Cyber Incident Response (CSIR) accredited companies. The Threat2Alert team has a strong malware analysis, reverse engineering and forensics capability. Members from our penetration testing, security consulting and forensics teams have been handpicked to deliver our incident response service. Through the breadth and depth of this team, we are able to respond rapidly to any security incident in any location across the globe.

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